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Captain's Prize

Von: Keith Luxon

After an interesting summer we finally arrived at the Captain`s prize...

... which this year has seen Dominik adding to his play list on his ipod as evidenced when upon his arrival he skipped through the car park singing “Bye bye baby” as he said good bye to young Laura Sophie (for those who don’t know Bye bye baby was a hit in 1975 for the Bay City rollers and Laura Sophie is Nadine and Dominik`s daughter who was born in July – normally my competition reports are a list of ramblings and nonsense but for one second can I be serious and thank Dominik and Nadine for their efforts for the club, especially at the time of being parents for the first time – one baby at a time is normally enough for most people to deal with!

Back to the ramblings and nonsense;

To the relief of all, the day started with the sun rising and not a sight of rain resulting in all 104 participants who signed up, turning up. Just as Alistair Cook opened the batting for England on his last test on Friday (for those who don’t know what I`m talking about ask Ian Park) Christian Keifer opened the competition at 8.30am - the differences being that Christian didn’t have a guard of honour as he approached the tee and Alistair scored 71 whereas Christian scored considerably more!

On the back of the successful “closest to the cheese” competition during the golf week Dominik was going to have “closest to the nappy” on hole 15, however, this was cancelled as in these days of “health and safety” it was ruled out – on top of that unlike winning the cheese this prize wasn’t so appealing!

Special thanks to UBS for not only generously sponsoring the champagne apèro together with a number of prizes but also for supplying Markus Moll (Reginal Head Private clients Zentrelshweiz) to save Dominik`s pride on his own Captain`s day – knowing that the pressure of the day might affect his own game Dominik was relying on Markus to take one for “team UBS” and perform badly hence pushing Dominik up the ranking. Markus executed the plan to a tee! Little did Dominik know that from within the club we would supply one disqualification and two Kranks resulting in Dominik finishing a credible 5th from last.

The evening activities started with the champagne apro leading into a splendid dinner. After being introduced by the President, Dominik delivered an excellent speech thanking many people involved in the club and its organisation.

It was pleasing to see 9 juniors competing and congratulations to Linda Bressan who came first with 35 netto points, Anna-Victorica Wipfli who came second and Kay Goette who came third. (Watch out Urs and Ralph you will soon be slipping down the pecking order of golfers in the family)

In the special prizes the longest drives were won by Patrick Lukas Mülchi and Karin Luxon. As for closest the pin to say we were hardly “peppering the flag” is an understatement, at one stage the rules were going to change to make it closest to the green! Ultimately Piüs Ruckstuhi won with 5.42 meter (yes really!) and Karin Luxon with 3.05 meter – if ever the rest of us let prizes slip through our hands this was it.

Brutto Herren was won by Julien Gille with 72 and Brutto Damen by Karin Luxon with 74.

Never short of a story or two Heikki Poutanen has another to add to the collection as he won the Netto Strokeplay with a super score of 66 – well done Heikki beating those “young guns” Karl Weinberger (68) and Roberto Panzera (68) into second and third respectively.

Continually in the news, computer hacking is a fact of life today, whether it be the Russians, North Koreans or potentially at GCK. The results of the Stableford competition gave rise to the suspicion that an IT specialist had teamed up with “an insider” at the club to fix the result, on the back of which having spotted the hack the ladies caption blackmailed the culprits to push her up the ranking. Severin Weiss (who owns an IT company) took first place with 42 points followed by Andreas Ott (secretariat) with 41 points and Andrea Klauser (ladies captain) third with 36 points. After a “Mueller style” investigation the accusation was found to be false, Severin played with me during the golf week and clearly took on board a few tips that I gave him hence his score, Andreas`s game is far better than his starting handicap at the beginning of the season and will no doubt continue to come down and as for Andrea: who couldn’t play well having Dominik and Willy Villiger as flight partners!

Finally, Philipp Heidelbach donated several golf lessons which were randomly pulled from the cards where “fortunately” last place Cengiz Sen, whose card had more “scratches” on it than someone having fallen through a bared wired fence, “won” one of these prizes – good to see you Cengiz and as Dominik said you are missed at every men`s day!

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