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Presidents Prize 2017

Von: Keith Luxon

Welcome to the latest edition of "Fake news”!

Here we are again, one year on from Andy test driving his colour coordinated green shoes outfit, the President's prize is here!


Clearly after taking advice from the Duchess of Cambridge's (Kate to her friends) style advisor (or was it Trudy?) Andy toned down this year choosing white shoes and trousers with a pale pink top - originally he was going to dress all in white in tribute to his favorite band the Moody Blues and the song "nights in white satin" but he just couldn’t leave out his second favorite group the Sugarbabes and the song “my love is pink” so a compromise was made !


Clearly a popular tournament there were a lot of entries, in fact so many that the first tee off was 7.40am and the last at 2pm - in true Sudoko style I will let you work out how many players that makes!


The name Barraclough was popular on the day, with no less than 5 making the starting list - unfortunately as will be seen later the name was not so well represented on the winners list! That said Robin remained satisfied with his day's work by remaining the lowest handicap in the family - the truth be known that it was more down to Alexander losing more balls than the seats by Theresa May's government in the U.K. election the day before rather than Robin's play!


The epic words of Neil Armstrong were heard ringing out from the 8th green (not the ones about "one small step for man one giant etc" but his earlier words of "the eagle has landed") as Karin Bressan’s second shot 7 iron flew directly into the hole with the accuracy of a scud missile. With three birdies on top of that meant Karin had a super morning.


Turning to the winners; Karin Luxon won the woman's Brutto with a 72 and Louis Falck picking up the prize with 75 (Marc Bachmann shot 74, but unfortunately couldn't make the evening hence forfeited the prize). Karin also won the lowest gross overall, a huge trophy which I had the honour of lifting in true champion's league style late in the evening!


In category Strokeplay Christine Hartman took the Netto with 37 points followed by Karin Bressan also with 37 and Cyril Zurcher third with 36.


In category Stableford Bruno Fässler won with 42 points, Barbara Morf came second beating off Jung Hyun Chung for third, both having 40 points.


Longest drives were hit by Christian Anliker and Maria Wittmer respectively.


There is a story behind the men's closest to the pin - Ulrich Hartl placed the ball a very competitive 2.34 meter from the pin but then somehow managed to put the second shot 2.35 meters passed the pin - a case of B2B in 30 seconds (for those who aren't up to date with these terms it means birdie to bogey!) - Ulrich is offering a free cigar to the first three people go up to him and say, "I see you won closest the pin on Saturday, did you get the birdie?"


Linda Henniger-Koper won closest to the pin for the ladies with 1.90m and while I do not know if she got the birdie let's assume yes as who misses from that distance


You might have noticed that there were more buggies on the course than normal on competition day - to assist with the speed of play the juniors were allowed to ride with their parents. Anna-Victoria Wipfli almost broke the scoring computer shooting a massive 47 points. Yanis Meuwly came second with 40 points and Oscar Puype third with 34 points.


The President's prize isn't simply about the golf during the day but also the evening event - the dress code usually causes a slight concern, particularly for the men. Despite a few murmurings during the day of "does it really mean we have to wear a tie" and "it's too hot for a jacket" most adhered to the code of jacket and tie. That said the fact that the architect of the clubhouse refurbishment of a couple of years ago only visited the empty building in the winter came back to bite us - the lack of AC was certainly noticed!


We have all been taught as children not to play with matches or fire - clearly the chap that Andy invited to entertain us didn't listen to that advice - he spent a good 30 minutes trying to set fire to himself. I am not sure how many bookings this guy gets as despite all of his attempts he just couldn't set himself alight! He even tried on 3 club members but again failed - in comparison I suppose it's the equivalent of watching a juggler who drops the balls!


In summary, a great day was had by all - personally I would like to thank Andy for not only the day but also of all the work he does for the members and the club.



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