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Eröffnungsturnier 2018

Von: André Surchat

The Mighty Waldstätten

Weather Forecast: 7 Degrees & Rain!

For my first tournament as a full fledge member of our golf club, I had the honor to play the round with Andy Knecht and Trudy von Rickenbach. What I learn after an excellent dinner served by the new team from the restaurant under the new leadership from Aloys von Reding and André Schöpfer, honor come with duty. And the duty was to make a short report of the day.

Wake up 6:30 am, checking the news and weather forecast. OK, I am pretty sure they will cancel the tournament. Nobody will want to play with this kind of weather and temperature. I check every 30’ on the web site, no news, the decision was made to shorten it to 9 holes, with food & drink between hole 5 and 6!

The rain was there, and the temperature quite low. However, having a few layers of clothes, the temperature was quite OK, and the atmosphere in the flight was always very relax, despite the fact that form a golf standpoint we shot under the potential of this great flight.


The sponsors of the day,

Bäckerei Nussbaumer AG, Manuela und Andy Nussbaumer (3.5 Tons of chocolate per year) organized a very creative Eastern award list

  • 1.-3. Netto Team
  • Nearest-to-the-Bunny Damen am Loch 7
  • Nearest-to-the-Bunny Herren am Loch 7
  • Nearest-to-the-Line Damen 8
  • Nearest-to-the-Line Herren 8
  • Hit-the-Green Damen und Herren Loch 9

Andrea and Robert Klauser sponsored the Apéro where people obviously enjoyed very much to see each other again after the winter break

A big thank you to all the sponsors as without it simply doesn’t work!


The winners of the day were the more experienced rabbits (or like our Captain Dominik almost mentioned with the “old rabbits”) with:

  • Rinaldo Ragonesi, Kurt Birrer and Ruedi Herzog followed by:
  • Pascale Schelling, Mike Leber and Beat Steiner and thirdly:
  • Anita Knuser, Benno Niederberger and Jacques-John Risi
  • The Nearest-to-the-Bunny Ladies got Simone Künzi-Waldispühl
  • The Nearest-to-the-Bunny Men got Dominik Fehlmann
  • Nearest-to-the-line-Ladies went to Barbara Morf and
  • Nearest-to-the-line-Men went to Ulrich Hartl

A very warm welcome and applause to the entire new crew of the restaurant. The meals were excellent well prepared and members all enjoyed a memorable evening.


Well, the day after I feel that

  • I had a great time on the course and during the dinner, 

I made the right decision to join the Club. Of course, the “Stammtisch” created a little bit of stress, however, all Clubs go through some more challenging time, and I am convinced that the club is taking the right steps to address them.

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